You will be out-of your own games, McKay – and also you was basically buzzing when you came in

You will be out-of your own games, McKay – and also you was basically buzzing when you came in

“The really Good Boyfriend” by the chelle NC-17 — Madison’s brief face turned into an excellent frown. “He’s their boy friend, yet not your own boyfriend.”

“Buffalo Wings” by omglawdork R — Bien au. “Mmmm, no statements about my fat ass? ” Cadman leaned into the over his table, grinning wickedly. “A person’s had a good daaaaaaate.”

“Crisis Answers” because of the sirkate”> and “bard_mercutio R — Rodney and you can John enjoys a misunderstanding that leads to creating up right after which making out.

“Where in actuality the Sunlight Don’t Be noticed” because of the toomuchplor R — Brand new gate to the M5R-Y34 is actually very well average apart from how it shot to popularity the gate groups gowns because they went from skills horizon.

“With Love” from the Astrid Maisiuil PG — John had not understood relationship would-be along these lines. The fresh new stammer of Rodney’s mention his shoulder states the guy hadn’t possibly.

“Golden Entrance Strait” by Pouncer NC-17 — John knew Rodney, their weaknesses and strengths and you can blind areas, the way he’d force early in the day their constraints as they have been facing certain doom, the newest smug tip away from his mouth when he is actually proved correct. Therefore John you are going to identify why Rodney is giving to the neuroses in the Rod’s visibility towards bunlarД± dene the Atlantis, you can expect to sound and determine he most performed have to meddle, just this immediately following.

“Globally Klein Bluish vs. the product quality Design” from the zoetrope NC-17 — “You are taking leave. You. Hop out.” Rodney’s eyebrows was indeed close their hairline. “You. A vacation.”

“Only You” by ras_elased NC-17 — Alternative stop so you’re able to ‘McKay and you may Mrs. Miller’, in which Rodney goes to Rod’s choice world alternatively.

“Beam Me Right up, Caldy” because of the clouder Roentgen — But John imagines in any event, this of those days, as he really does give in and you will take action stupid, itll probably be one of those avoid-of-the-universe-as-we-know-they or we-have–hours-left-to-live some thing it don’t end up like hell features too-long to call home towards the surprise and you may it is possible to dissatisfaction hell need face.

“As if you Contact Myself” because of the j_giles_ring PG-thirteen — It’s hard to help you lie having touch, however, John and you can Rodney give it their utmost take to.

“Kahs-Wan The Much time Cool Roadway Away from Heck Remix)” from the dangermars PG-13 — “Twigs,” John states out of the blue. Rodney turns as much as, but he is nevertheless alone. Best. They have been the latest hallucination portion of the date.

“Lineage out of People” because of the Kat Reitz & tzigane PG-thirteen — Article “Tao out-of Rodney”. Rodney enjoys ascended, and John becomes themselves caught having a pet.

Gay penguin sex

“Animalia Series” by Leah PG 13 — Where Daniel will get became an effective monkey and then John and Rodney score became penguins. This fic provides obtained awards because it’s that comedy. Now you must to read they.

Simply higher

“I am Their Photo Dressed just like the Industry” by Mirabile Dictu PG-thirteen — Many of these weeks and weeks alone on jumper got driven your in love.

“This new Room in-between” of the Luthien NC-17 — Occurrence mark getting Common Ground. “You really create look more youthful than you did prior to, you understand,” Rodney states.

“Rodney’s Crappy Date” by the boochicken NC-17 — Rodney will get turned a great vampire. Merely your average day on Pegasus galaxy.

“Fireball” by the Celli Lane NC-17 — Ladies and men, your driver of the Amount 21 Sky Push Ford Collection, John Sheppard. Bien au.

“The greatest Chocolate Chip Cookie Bread-And then make Boyfriend Prize” by the Auburn Roentgen — “Ok, this new rule,” John murmured against Rodney’s mouth area from the one-point. “No preparing and making out more or we shall finish consuming the kitchen off.”

“An equation to own Finest Charm” by the aesc R — He’ll view it eventually from inside the a lab nearby the stasis compartments, painful silver-blue that have jointed foot such as for example a bots. The brand new databases will inform him the goals and you can just what it do, and he commonly set it up out, however, keep it when you need it.

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