At some stage in the latest patch, your meal also have dwindles and additionally they become dining dandelion actually leaves

At some stage in the latest patch, your meal also have dwindles and additionally they become dining dandelion actually leaves

Anabel / Edgar Johnson, An Alien Music, 1982 . Maybe a long shot based on dates, but this may be An Alien Music (def has the dandelion leaves and hydroponics on a spaceship): “Sixteen-year-old Jesse relates the experiences of the Sky-Lab Seven crew as they become the sole survivors of the dying planet Earth only to have their plans to colonize Mars irreversibly shattered.” S707: Ill bird panel guide I had a little board book with a picture of a sick bird, I think it is a robin with a thermometer. Text says (I think) rest rest rest is best best best so put this bird to bed a pillow neath his head and rest his temperature. For he has a common cold for which I have been told there is no cure S708: Siblings in Paris My book was probably written sometime in the 1970s or early 1980s. It’s about 2 sisters. The older one, Babette, is studying ballet in Paris. She has a boyfriend who is a chef. Her younger sister goes to Paris to live with her. They ed Minette? Thank you! S709: Small terrifying facts from the a man which disguises themselves given that good lady called Eunice This is a short scary story. On a stormy night, people hear a knock at the door. A little older lady asks if she can come in to keep warm by their fire & says her name is Eunice. Later the people notice she has hair on the back of her hands and is wearing boots under her long skirt–Eunice is a man!

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I originally sent this book title as an answer in for C738 and was waiting to see if anyone else had a different answer. But the story “The Ghostly Hand of Spital House” within this book involves a man dressed as a woman asking if “she” can spend the night by the fire at the inn. The observant servant (I think her name was Bella) notices that the guest is wearing heavy men’s boots. She fakes sleeping in order to keep an eye on the guest, and when he thinks that everyone is asleep, he uses a dead man’s hand and a candle to cast a spell to keep all the sleepers in the house asleep. But the servant is not asleep, so she is not under the spell. She must save the household before the robber lets his band of thieves into the house. S710: Snowed in during the Grandmother’s house Granddaughter staying at Grandmother’s home in the country during a snowstorm and powercut, sleeping by the fire and eating porridge with peaches, making snow angels next day. A favorite children’s book from our school library in the 1980s.

Modified by Nora Kramer, The latest GHOSTLY Hand Or other HAUNTING Tales

Elaine Moore, Grandma’s Promise, 1988. There’s no plot per se, but there’s a storm soon after Kim arrives, so she and Grandma have a mini-adventure without electricity for several days. They pack pine cones with peanut butter and cornmeal for the birds, go ice skating, and snuggle into a bed roll beside the wood stove. S711: Short story range, monkey, coconut pie, ghost story, a couple kids, black and white pictures SOLVED: Childcraft. It’s definitely “Wappie’s Surprise Cake” from the Childcraft book. S712: Wonders Domestic wanting a great children’s / younger adult section book We read in the 80s (but i have little idea when it is had written) regarding the a beneficial girl whom decorates a secret cottage that have seashells.

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